Part one

Dogs & Comfort

Paws to Comfort begins where the journey of this book began. Seeing the simple yet beautiful and intuitive lessons we can learn from how dogs comfort us. Dogs have not lost their natural empathic response that we humans have, amidst the harshness of life. This section walks the reader through:

  • How dogs comfort when all else fails.

  • Lessons we learn from our dogs.

  • Searching for a solution.


Part Two

The Case for Comfort

This section lays out the case for comfort and why this book needed. Many of us feel a not so subtle shift in life and how this is affecting our emotions and mental health. The section answers these questions:

  • Why are we losing our way?

  • What are the societal trends in caring for each other?

  • Why is comforting hard and awkward? What are the identifiable barriers that can be overcome?

  • When we don’t comfort: The price we are pay in the workplace.


Part Three

Comfort As a Skill

The heart and soul of the book. This section presents the “How” of comforting and breaking through the awkwardness. Section highlights:

  • The circle of comfort and the science behind the skill

  • Understanding core human needs

  • Who needs comfort (hint everyone) 

  • Putting yourself in their shoes (i.e., what are they experiencing?) 

  • Misguided assumptions we make & changing our mindset

  • Comfort = a whole body experience

  • The art of pausing, silence & listening

  • What can I say?

  • What can I do?

  • Situational comfort strategies

  • Soul comfort


Part Four

My Personal Comfort Response Plan

How do I apply this skill to me? Just as we all need to be comforted in different ways, we each have our own personal style of comforting others so that it’s not so awkward. This section offers quizzes and tools for you to identify and map out your comfort personality. You can then create strategies that work best for you to comfort those in need in your family, workplace, community, school or church. It then lays out how to incorporate these skills in your everyday life to make a huge impact. Not only on those around you, but also on you.