Paws to Comfort

Everyone you know has a problem you don’t know about and could use some comfort.


Paws to Comfort
Jen Marr with Skye Quinn
Publisher: New Degree Press
Publication date: November 1, 2019

In this era of growing loneliness despite 24/7 connectivity, we have somehow lost the simple art of practicing comfort — of comforting each other through everyday problems, struggles and crisis. In our digital world of high emotions, we tend to confuse empathy for comfort. 

Comfort is more than sympathy or understanding, it is connecting with a person in pain in a way that they know someone cares. Most people find making that comfort connection awkward. We tend to avoid that awkwardness. But there are experts among us that instinctively know what to do. If you’ve watched a dog with someone who is suffering, you’ve witnessed it.

This is where Paws to Comfort begins. It is a beautiful, practical handbook with simple tools and a framework to inspire anyone to learn the skill of comfort and overcome the awkwardness of comforting someone in pain.




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Paws to Comfort will be available November of 2019.

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Inspiring Comfort’s founders (left to right) Jill Bornstein, Mary Perry, and author Jen Marr. (Not shown: contributor and designer Skye Quinn)

About the Authors & organization

Inspiring Comfort, LLC and TIME Magazine's Skye Quinn have teamed up to create this antidote to our hectic digital lives. Showing us that the best self help of all is in helping others. 

How to pre-order  Paws to Comfort  by Jen Marr with Skye Gurney

How to order the Book

We are so excited to share our book Paws to Comfort. Our book is currently only available through our Kickstarter campaign which is now open. When you contribute to our campaign we all become connected to the mission of becoming better comforters — one person at a time.

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Join the Inspiring Comfort team in bringing back comfort. Order your copy of  Paws to Comfor t now. It’s more than a book, it’s a mission.

Join us on our journey to bring back comfort. It’s more than a book, it’s a mission.