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Publishing Kickstarter Campaign

Paws to Comfort  by Jen Marr with Skye Quinn.  New Degree Press. Paperback & eBook. Publication date: November 2019.

It’s more than a book, it’s a mission.

We are so excited to share our book Paws to Comfort. It’s a beautiful and simple tool for anyone who has ever been faced with the awkwardness of a situation of not knowing what to say or do when someone is struggling! Our book is currently only available through our Kickstarter campaign which will launch June 18, 2019. When you contribute to our campaign we all become connected to the mission of making society better comforters — one person at a time.  

Why the title Paws To Comfort? Well, pausing is everything and in our hectic lives we need more slowing down. You can't listen, can't see someone in pain, and can't connect when you are in a hurry. Giving comfort is something that is impossible to do when you're in a hurry, and comfort is something we need more of.  

We have too much to lose if we don’t take this journey together. Our Kickstarter campaign goal is to raise $58,710 to support the development and production of the book's first edition. The campaign runs June 18 – July 17, 2019. Everyone who contributes to the campaign will be named in the book. Your book and other rewards will be shipped by November 11. By reaching this goal not only will you personally become a better comforter to those in need, together we can start to reverse the increasing societal trends of anxiety, depression, loneliness and social isolation, and help those who desperately need to know that someone cares. Please join us by supporting Paws to Comfort and be a part of this mission.

Join the mission of making society better comforters — one person at a time.